4-Fluoroamphetamine (4-FA)

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What is 4-Fluoroamphetamine?

order 4-Fluoroamphetamine for sale, 4-Fluoroamphetamine is a psychoactive drug and research chemical of the phenethylamine and amphetamine chemical classes. It produces stimulant and possibly entactogenic effects. 4-FA is sometimes sold as a designer drug along with related compounds such as 2-fluoroamphetamine and 4-fluoromethamphetamine.The subjective effects of 4-Fluoroamphetamine include euphoria which some find similar to the effects of MDMA, increased energy (stimulation), mood elevation, excessive talking, bruxism, and suppressed appetite. 4-FA does not cause long-lasting depletion of brain serotonin, unlike its analogues 4-CA and 4-BA. This is thought to “reflect the inability of the fluoro-compound to be metabolized in the same way as the other haloamphetamines.” 4-fluoroamphetamine is a releasing agent and reuptake inhibitor of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine.

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Halogenated amphetamines, including fluoro amphetamines (FAs), are psycho stimulatory designer drugs. 4-FA (hydrochloride) inhibits the uptake of dopamineserotonin, and norepinephrine with IC50 values of 0.77, 6.8, and 0.42 μM, respectively, indicating potency comparable to cocaine or methamphetamine. Methodology for detecting 4-FA in serum and urine using GC/MS has recently been described. This product is intended for forensic purposes. 4-fluoroamphetamine canada.


What is 4-Fluoroamphetamine? Order 4 Fluoroamphetamine Online

4-Fluoroamphetamine is a substituted amphetamine that offers effects somewhere between those of amphetamine and MDMA. It’s been a member of the research chemical market since the late 2000s.

It has at times been a more popular research chemical because it does have a unique and potentially desirable effect profile.

Not enough is known about the drug to be sure about its safety level, particularly with chronic use.


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Molecular formula: C9H12FN

Molecular weight: 153.2 g/mol

IUPAC: 1-(4-fluorophenyl)propan-2-amine

1-(4-Fluorophenyl)propan-2-amine (4-FA) underwent a critical review in November 2015 at the 37th meeting of the WHO Expert Committee on Drug Dependence. The Committee recommended that 4-FA not be placed under international control at that time due to insufficiency of data regarding dependence, abuse and risks to public health but be kept under surveillance. This review represents an update. 4-FA is a psychomotor stimulant first synthesized in the early 1940s.

What is 4-Fluoroamphetamine?

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