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AM2233 is a full agonist of the central cannabinoid (CB1) receptor (Ki = 2.8 nM).1

Most of the affinity towards the CB1 receptor resides within the (R)-enantiomer of AM2233,

which exhibits a Ki value of 0.2 nM and has ~8-fold higher affinity for CB1 compared to WIN 55,212-2 (Ki = 1.6 nM).1 AM2233 was developed for use as a selective radioligand for mapping the distribution of the CB1 receptor in the brain.1 Recently, however, AM2233 has received attention as a cannabimimetic acquired for recreational use as a “legal high” replacement for restricted substances. This compound is intended for forensic and research applications.

A highly potent full agonist, AM-2233 acts upon the cannabinoid receptors, and was first developed for use as a selective radioligand.

Known to have similar effects to Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient in Cannabis, this substance makes a great substitute for those wishing to undertake comparative studies.  A great deal of data can be drawn from just a small application of AM-2233, and it has primarily been used for mapping the CB1 receptor’s distribution.

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AM-2233 is a drug that acts as a highly potent full agonist for the cannabinoid receptors, with a Ki of 1.8nM at CB1 and 2.2nM at CB2 as the active (R) enantiomer.[1] It was developed as a selective radioligand for the cannabinoid receptors and has been used as its 131I derivative for mapping the distribution of the CB1 receptor in the brain. AM-2233 was found to fully substitute for THC in rats, with a potency lower than that of JWH-018 but higher than WIN 55,212-2

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